MTI Locks™

A powerful new RFID Lock technology providing enhanced Asset Protection with simplified User Access Management

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Manage Access, Not Keys

  • Web interface lets you easily create, edit, and delete user access
  • Open API allows greater control with 2-factor authentication, integration with enterprise identity management, and attendance scheduling systems.

Real-Time Visibility & Analytics with MTI Connect™

  • MTI Connect provides real-time status communications and user activity.
  • Gain insights into how long doors and drawers are open and who accessed them for reduced internal and external theft.

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Robust For Retail

  • RFID locks easily retrofit most doors, drawers, and glass cases without modifying furniture.
  • MTI Connect™ web interface allows you to monitor hardware and keep your technology up-to-date.

Simplified Operation

  • RFID Keys are low cost and never need charging
  • Analyze your retail operations, optimize staff workflows and address security concerns.

Innovative & Long Lasting Design

  • Auto-lock feature keeps inventory safe
  • Auto-lock defaults can keep inventory more secure
  • Battery Life = 30,000 activations, 1+ years

Security, Access, Peace of Mind

Low-cost RFID Key Technology

Auto-relocking with Quick Unlock

Real-time Access Control

Durable & Long-lasting

Easy Install & Setup

Enhanced Customer Experience

MTI Locks™ in Action

Designed with simplicity and quick accessibility in mind, MTI RFID Locks empowers your employees to stay focused on the customer experience while keeping up with the fast-paced retail environment

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