Secure Plug Merchandising Solution

An innovative security solution, maximizing customer engagement and creating an ‘out of the box’ experience.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Live devices at all times, interact with all 6 positions
  • Clean merchandising, minimizing cables and clutter
  • Above or below counter security
  • Create in-home experience with product display

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Replaces existing power strips while adding a layer of loss prevention
  • Low cost per position, no additional cables to buy
  • Leverage standard OEM provided cables to secure product

Innovative Loss Prevention Technology

  • Multiple alarm points, any ‘break’ in circuit will activate alarm
  • Quickly arm / dis-arm system via RFID key system
  • MTI Connect™ platform enabled for remote data and analytics

Secure Plug™ in Action

A unique loss prevention solution that allows you to power and secure multiple products simultaneously.

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** UL & CE certified, contact us for country specific requirements **


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