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Freedom Core II™ Digital Imaging Cap

Using the Freedom Core II™ Power w/Screamer Sensor, this stand alone system takes the essential elements from the industry’s most robust security platform and assembles them into a compact, sensor based merchandising system for all digital cameras.

Power w/Screamer Sensor

  • Powers and secures devices up to 20V
  • Screamer attached to device for 1:1 security
  • ‘Quick Release’ feature for fast and easy re-merchandising
  • Locking GeniusCable™ powers the device
  • Alarm at 100 Db

Complete Merchandising Flexibility

  • Easy to install and re-merchandise
  • Available in white or black

Integrated Security Solution

  • Single plug-and-secure solution
  • Electronic alarm is constantly attached to device for 1:1 security
  • Multiple alarm points for maximum loss prevention
  • Single Key System

DI Cap Dimensions2.5”W X 2.5” L X .375” H
DI Stand Dimensions2.50” W x 2.50”L x .875” H – 2.25” H
Sensor Dimensions1.65”w x 1.65”d x .50”h
Anchor Dimensions1.40”w x 2.21”d x .86”h
Lens Stand Dimensions1.38”w x 1.38”d x 1 57” H – 2.17” H (adjustable height)
Available ColorsBlack or White
Visual SystemSingle color LED
Secondary SensorsOne (1) sensor per puck
Electronic SecurityAlarm stays on the device
AlarmUp to 100 Db

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