Introducing MTI RFID Locks

A powerful new tool providing enhanced Asset Protection with simplified User Access Management

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MTI Locks are stand-alone battery powered RFID locks designed for cabinets, drawers and display cases. These easy-to-install and simple to use locks are ideal for any secure storage solution and are upgradable to include remote business intelligence capabilities.

Two Innovative Configurations:

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership:

  • Old Locks = no user management, high cost to deal with turnover, re-key the store
  • New RFID Locks = simplified user management control to deal with turnover, no cost to remove access

Increased Security:

  • Auto-lock defaults can keep inventory more secure
  • Most loss is from internal theft, MTI locks increase staff accountability

Retail Trends:

  • Inventory out on sales floor vs in back rooms = higher customer satisfaction and increased sales
  • Better brand experience = no need to cut holes and damage aesthetic

Long Lasting Design:

  • Battery Life = 30,000 activations, 2+ years

MTI Locks are perfect for a wide variety of applications including:


  • Cosmetics
  • Perfume
  • Jewelry
  • Sunglasses
  • Handbags / Accessories


  • Assisted Living Facilities: Peace of mind knowing your family member’s belongings are safe and secure
  • Medical: Secured access for controlled substances

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Download Brochure

Learn More about our Free Pilot Program

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